Bone graft in Clinton

Bone Graft in Clinton

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Bone grafting procedure in Clinton

The strength and thickness of your jaw structure is very important to the success of dental implants. Traditional bridges and dentures only exist above the gum line, but implants are anchored below the gum line. That’s what makes them different, and better. But what if your jaw bone is insufficient to hold the implant? You can still get one if you get a bone grafting procedure. It’s actually simple, safe, and every effective. Here at Hunterdon Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Specialists, we have the expertise and the experience to perform it for you with the maximum chance for a successful outcome.

First you will need to come in for an examination and testing. That’s how our oral surgeon is able to determine if you are already prepared for an implant, or if you need our bone graft in Clinton. The procedure itself is done under local anesthesia to ensure your comfort during it. Here’s how it works: to strengthen your jaw structure, new bone tissue is required, which means that there must be something to spur the new growth. To make that happen, existing tissue is taken from another part of your body or obtained from a donor bank. Once in your jaw, the new bone begins to grow in. And a few months later, our bone graft in Clinton will have served its purpose, and you’ll be ready for your new implant to begin. This state-of-the-art tooth replacement, with its artificial root, can last you for many years to come, and quite possibly for life with good maintenance. It’s natural and lifelike that it becomes easy to forget that it’s not a real tooth.

Our bone graft in Clinton could be exactly what you need so that you can get your full smile back with an implant. Contact our office to arrange a timely appointment and get things started.

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